Journal of Business and Law

ISSN: 2521-439x(print)

e-ISSN: 2959-2879(online)

Valume 6 / Issue 2

The role of administrative control in limiting the spread of the corona epidemic in Islamic law and health legislation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan


Mohammed h. Al-Qahtani, Safaa Mahmoud rostom alsweilmieen



During the first trimester of 2020, the world exposed to unusual epidemiological situation that has had a negative impact and had disrupted ordinary life, which imposed on the competent authorities in addressing the epidemic by means of preventive and other treatment controls, as many government orders were issued that changed daily life, imposed closures and restriction of freedoms as: freedom of worship, reorganization of religious rites, in particular with regard to Hajj and Umrah. This study has concluded that the governmental procedures is required and essential in response to the pandemic. However, it was reflected on the individuals’ rights and freedoms. Also, it has concluded that the administration shall monitor the procedures issued thereby to response to the pandemic to prevent its assault on individuals’ rights and freedoms. As well as, the study recommended that these control procedures shall be limited in the epidemiological and health situation and not exceeded the limits of this Epidemiological circumstance

DOI: 10.51958/AAUJBL2022V6I2P5