Journal of Business and Law

ISSN: 2521-439x(print)

e-ISSN: 2959-2879(online)

Volume 1 / Issue 1

Faculty Development of Business Educators to Facilitate Students’ Employment


Mahmoud Yousef Askari



This paper highlights the needs of faculty development for business professors and sheds light on why business education is unique when compared to other disciplines. The paper argues that different disciplines should not be painted with the same faculty development brush when designing a development strategy. It also proposes that business professors, similar to other professors of applied fields, need to go through an industry experience as part of their faculty development process. Establishing the link between theory and practice is important for graduating business students which could shape their skills and facilitate their employment. The paper also proposes that one way to establish this link is through an applied pedagogical approach with the use of case studies to simulate real life situations

DOI: 10.51958/aaujbl2017v1i1p1