Journal of Business and Law

ISSN: 2521-439x(print)

e-ISSN: 2959-2879(online)

Volume 2 / Issue 1

The Impact of hiring for passion in specialization on the creativity and development of companies in MENA


Radwan Choughri, Moetaz Soubjaki



The objective of this study was to highlight the importance of hiring for passion toward specialty and its impact on the creativity and development of companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The sample was taken from the following countries: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia. This study summarized the importance of passion in work and its reflection on the performance of employees and how to consider this criterion seriously in the selection of candidates and internal promotions and how it reflects the improvement of the performance, creativity and development of organizations. The study identified some reasons why employees leave organizations and search for another opportunity like: increase in salary, better opportunity and etc. In addition, the study stated some recommendations to enhance recruiting in the organizations, some of which are: hiring for the passion of specialization and eliminating those who are looking for any job with any salary and looking for a financial return only.

DOI: 10.51958/aaujblv2i1p2