Journal of Business and Law

ISSN: 2521-439x(print)

e-ISSN: 2959-2879(online)

Volume 3 / Issue 1

Work Stress and its Relation to Occupational Combustion Among Administrative Staff in Palestinian Universities


Yaser Abu Mostafa, Hatem Asfah, May Sharab



This study aimed to identify the dimensions of work stress and their effect on the occupational combustion among the administrative staff in the Palestinian universities. The study adopted the descriptive analytical approach, and used the questionnaire as the main tool. The sample consisted of (250) from the total of (760) representing (33%) of the total population of the study. The most important results revealed by the study were that the level of work stress of the administrative staff in the Palestinian universities in Gaza was average, with a mean of (3.07), while the level of occupational combustion had a mean of (2.99). The study found a positive correlation between occupational combustion and the following dimensions of work stress: Role conflict, role ambiguity, and organizational structure. However, an inverse correlation was detected between the two work stress dimensions of job security and work environment, on one hand; and occupational combustion on the other hand. The results of the study also indicated no differences between work stress and occupational combustion in regards to demographic variables (gender, job title, qualification, years of experience, age). The study suggested a number of important recommendations, among which were the following: the necessity of having clear regulations and instructions in force, avoid assigning tasks that contradict with the values and principles of the employees. The study also recommended distributing work to employees according to their potentials and capabilities, the necessity of implementing career enrichment policy as well as enhancing the work environment.

DOI: 10.51958/aaujblv3i1p3pp1-28