Journal of Business and Law

ISSN: 2521-439x(print)

e-ISSN: 2959-2879(online)

Volume 4 / Issue 1

The Impact of public training programs outcomes on the development of the trainee personal and technical skills – from trainees’ perspective in Lebanon


Moetaz Soubjaki, Khaled Kamaleddine



The aim of this study is to highlight on the impact of public training programs outcomes on the development of personal and technical trainee skills from the perspective of trainees in Lebanon. This study summarized and showed the effect of public training programs outcomes, on the actual acquisition of technical and personal skills of the trainee. The results were unsatisfactory, as the results showed the dissatisfaction of the trainees with the reality of the general training industry in Lebanon, whether in terms of the quality of the training programs, the standards of the trainers or the standards of the training providers. The study also identified some of the reasons that made the training sector lack professionalism and quality, specifically: the absence of official Lebanese authorities controls on this sector and the lack of regulations, the absence of standards in the selection of trainers to provide training programs and the lack of quality in the instructional design preparation with clear outputs determination, in addition to the nature of the training centers that have made their profitability as priority and most essential factor. Among the recommendations mentioned by the researchers: The Lebanese official authorities should regulate the training sector and consider all training activities under educational sector and set clear laws and standards to determine how to manage any training activity in order to ensure the desired outcomes and quality, each training provider must adopt specific standards in how to manage training activities (training programs preparation, trainers selection, return on training investment). Before attending any training program, the trainee should check the criteria that allow him to get the desired return on training investment. The researchers also set several criteria for the main variables of the study: training pro- .grams, trainers, training providers and return on training investment

DOI: 10.51958/AAUJBL2020V4I1P2